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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A New Meaning For Adoption

Elderpride Chapter 9

My good intentions of writing a new chapter each week has gone awry. I apologize; I am in the process of starting up a new business and I have simply gotten too busy! One of these days I will change my profile to include my new business! Meantime, the elderly need our attention.

In this chapter I digress from the Elderpride topic to talk about a very important program that the Dorotha C. White Foundation is bringing to nursing homes nationwide – the “Adopt A Nursing Home Patient” Program. Joining this program enables interested volunteers to adopt a nursing home patient who has no family to look after them. Volunteers visit “their” patient in the nursing home once a week and enjoy activities with their adoptee such as reading, drawing, playing cards, or just chatting.

The program has been good for both patients and volunteers. One of the high school volunteers Amy Dolezal requested to add an additional patient to her visits because her initial resident was a bit on the independent side and Amy wanted to also visit with someone a bit more challenged. After seeing the difference her visits made she was interested in making a difference in another person’s life.

The volunteers provide a valuable and needed service and the patients get very welcome attention. “For some patients, it is the first time anyone has visited them consistently,” said Shari Rhoads, CEO of the Foundation. “we welcome anyone who has compassion and respect for the elderly to sign up and become a volunteer in this program.” The Dorotha C. White Foundation will match volunteers, anywhere in the USA, with nursing home patients who are lonely and would benefit from having a “friend”. Anyone who is interested should either follow the link on the side of this blog or call 800-789-4836 and ask for a Dorotha C. White representative for more information.

“We have volunteers as young as 16”, said Mary Baqueiro, the Executive Director of the Foundation, “and they report that the patients enjoy their company. Several have mentioned that their Christmas holidays will be more special this year because they have been helpful to others.”

On second thought, I didn't digress at all from the concept of Elderpride... what better way to instill Elderpride in one of our elders than to be their friend. So, join us today!